AJLogo Intro Commands

This describes the basic Commands of AJLogo.
I've spent time on the language and the demos but as of now, not the documentation.
I realize programing with AJLogo right now is a difficult task with no documentation.
However, please feel free to send mail or chat with me at the site.
It should be noted that this is a draft. Better tutorials, and reference material will be integrated into AJLogo as time goes on.


Below are the base 'core' commands for AJLogo. There may be more options/arguments available for some commands but to keep it as clear as possible for now, the simplest use will be discussed.
Commands are generally typed into the brown text area.
CommandShort forFull DiscriptionExample
csclear screenclears the current screen and
sends the turtle 'home' and
sets the pen 'down'
homehomeplaces the turtle in the center of the screen (position 0,0)
and sets the heading straight up ( 0 degrees).
fdforwarddraws a line x pixels longfd 100
bkbackwarddraws a line backwards x pixels longbk 100
rtright turnchanges the heading clockwise x degreesrt 45
ltleft turnchanges the heading counter clockwise x degreeslt 30
pdpen downwhen the pen is down lines are drawn when
fd and bk are executed
pupen upwhen the pen is up fd and bk just move the
turtle without drawing a line
shset headingsets the turtles direction (heading) from straight up
x degrees clockwise (doesn't change position)
sh 60
spset position sets the turtles position to a particular point
(doesn't hcange the heading)
sp 20,30
stshow turtledisplays a triangle (turtle) which gives a sense of
position and heading
hthide turtlehides the turtle which allows faster drawinght
rprepeatrepeats a list of commands x times rp 5[ fd 100 rt 144 fd 100 lt 72 ]
prprintprints in the text areapr hi
listlist methodsprints out a listing of all methods (or procedures).
The methods can be edited after listing
lprimlist primitivesThis will print out a complete (but simple) listing of
the numerous primitives.

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