Welcome to the AJLogo Gallery

Update on AJLogo
Since Java Applets no longer run in browsers, AJLogo no longer works as an applet.
Fear not however, AJLogo is available as an application. Contact ajlogo at gmail to request the application.

This Images demonstrates drawing a centered String command dcS. The String's heading follows the turtle. Note the use of alpha transparency. From the first demo in version 2 beta, this spiral has a constant step size and a growing disc diameter, and a decaying change in theta.
This demonstrates the layering of images ontop of a drawing. It also demonstrates the png endcoder which was use for the screen capture. If you love Logo, you see things with a Logo eye. That's to say you decompose shapes to turtle commands. This was part of a chair that just had to be realized in AJLogo.
This was inspired by the background at Cat's Eye Technologies .It was another 'how fast can I replecate this' challenge (took about 30 min). This uses a Model to allow real-time drawing of numerous repetive shapes.
Adding the third dimension to the otherwise flat recursive tree really adds to this image. The standard Lissajous figure is shown here with controls over x/y ratio.
An interesting experiment, this is the programatic flood filling of an object. By using alpha transparency, multipule fills appear darker. Built in to AJLogo is a fractal engine who's handles will be brought out soon.
This is a Hilbert curve with variable layers, depth, width and alpha transparency. Flood fill and pixel grabbing are used to make this image. Alpha transparency is also available.
Drawing and scaling images are demonstrated here. Built into AJLogo is a drop shadow feature for Strings. It can be layered with angle and depth adjustable.
A classic turtle graphic program, only in 3d, this demo is the old standard rp 200 [ fd x rt 89 ] where x shrinks and therefore the near squares does too. Here though we add some z (via pitch) for fun. This is from the first demo in version 2. This has a tight spiral (low theta and low change in theta) and a growing diameter.
This is also from the first demo in version 2. This has a spiral with a shrinking step size and diameter. This demo creates an 'open' (not closed) model and draws it while changing scale and hue.
This is from the second 3d demo in version 2 beta. It uses a Model to allow real-time drawing of numerous repetive shapes. The Hilbert curve is made more interesting with a mitred pen width.
This Logo program creates a spiral with a mitred pen width. This is a multiple turtle Logo program which uses the mouse to 'lead' a series of turtles. The turtles follows the turtle in front of it and the lead turtle follows the mouse.
This demonstrates AJLogo's ability to handle images as the turtles pen. Here's another image demo where the image is scaled and used as the pen.
This turtle graphic is the result of a sequence of image building (which was particularly cool to see being built). This Logo program demonstrates a 3D cell array built by the sin x/x function. I'd like to mention here that the logo methods used to draw the fundamental cell was recoded into java, speeding up the rendering by 20%.
This was originally done on a A1000 Amiga, and I had to recreate it with AJLogo. From the last of the version 2 demos, this is a ramp of several variables tied together. Alpha transparency really makes this image.